Fluoride is a mainstay in our society for its potential benefits to our teeth. Fluoride has even been added to the public water supply. However, many individuals are unaware what exactly it is that fluoride does.

Your tooth enamel is a hard layer on your teeth designed to protect them, but it can be damaged through harmful acids eventually leading to tooth decay. Although fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found all over the world, it is most often seen in our toothpaste and public water. Fluoride has been proven to fight cavities and protect your tooth enamel.

When looking for toothpaste in stores, be sure to find products with the American Dental Association’s ADA Seal of Acceptance. This ensures the product is up to code and will deliver the benefits it promotes. You can also ask our dentists which products are best for you and will protect your teeth from further harm. Fluoride supplementation is also available in lozenge, pill or drop form.

Our team at Drs. Susan Chmiel & Rachel Bohn specializes in a variety of dentistry procedures to suit all your needs, and we may suggest professional fluoride treatment at our office if needed.

If you would like an oral exam with one of our experienced dentists, Dr. Timothy Ross and Dr. Susan Chmiel, please schedule with our office in Franklin, Wisconsin. We can be reached at 414-525-0300. We look forward to doing our best to ensure your healthy, confident smile!

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