Your health and strength of your teeth can weaken over time due to the natural processes of life. However, there are ways to enhance your smile by caring for your teeth and gums, preventing oral accidents, wearing safety equipment, and combating the dangers of tooth decay and gum disease. Making sure to keep your mouth safe includes implementing the necessary oral health habits into your lifestyle. Aging has its benefits, as it gives you plenty of time to improve your oral health as you see fit.  If you find yourself missing any teeth and are relying on dentures, it’s important to care for them as you would your natural teeth. Be careful never to use any harmful products on them, such as abrasive cleaning products. Furthermore, make sure to remove your dentures every night and store them in a liquid for cleaning. Leaving your dentures out to dry can cause them to crack and break. In addition, be sure to stop any bad habits you may have. Unhealthy habits such as smoking and chewing tobacco were harmful to your teeth when you were young, but with age, any negative effects they can produce will often be much more catastrophic.An additional step that is crucial to implement into your elder oral health routine is to always make sure you’re brushing your teeth and gums twice daily and flossing between your teeth at least once daily. If you find yourself without the strength to brush and floss effectively, switch to easier cleaning utensils, such as an electric toothbrush or a water flosser. Furthermore, use toothbrushes that have soft bristles to prevent any damage to your gums from occurring. If you are ready to take the next step to achieve a glorious smile with our help, set an appointment with Drs. Susan Chmiel & Rachel Bohn at our dentist office in Franklin, Wisconsin. Dr. Susan Chmiel and the rest of our team can be reached at 414-525-0300. Thanks for visiting with a smile!

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