Cavities are a common issue that patients seek treatment for from Drs. Susan Chmiel. Sometimes it can be more difficult to discern what the issue causing your teeth pain might be. Here are two of the most common cavity symptoms that accompany cavities to help you spot them.

Aching Teeth

Do you have a tooth that has been hurting you for a long period of time? If you do, and the pain is accompanied by a dull ache or sharp instances of pain, you probably have a cavity. Such things can develop if it has been a while since your last dental cleaning, and may be a fairly new cavity. It’s possible to treat this type of cavity with a simple filling, but only if you schedule an appointment soon.

Teeth that Hurt When You Bite Down

Have you noticed a certain tooth that gives you pain when biting or chewing? This could be a sign that you have a small cavity that is beginning to form. These smaller cavities aren’t as dangerous to your tooth’s health as older cavities that cause constant pain, but it is still very important that you get them looked at by your dentist as soon as possible.

If you live in Franklin, Wisconsin and think you have a cavity call Drs. Susan Chmiel & Rachel Bohn at 414-525-0300 to schedule an appointment today.

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