Did you know preparing for your dental appointment can help you have a top-notch experience in the dental chair? Well, it’s true. So, the more prepared you can be, the better. To help you, our dentists, Drs. Susan Chmiel & Rachel Bohn, have some tips and recommendations for you so you can be ready for your visit with our dental team.

First, ask your family members and friends about their last visit to our office. Ask them how they felt in the dental chair and ask them about any tips they used to stay calm and relaxed. This can help you know what to expect as a patient and also help you have a more positive dental experience.

Second, call our dental office and ask us questions if you have any. It’s always best to know everything you can before your appointment so you don’t feel nervous or scared. We are happy to give you the information you need so you can know what to expect.

Third, think about any dental concerns you have. This includes any toothaches or tooth sensitivity you have experienced. When you tell our dental team about these concerns, we will be happy to examine your mouth and tell you the causes.

To learn more about how to prepare for a dental appointment in Franklin, Wisconsin, please reach out to our dental team at Drs. Susan Chmiel & Rachel Bohn by calling 414-525-0300. We are here to give you the answers and information you’re looking for, and we look forward to helping you!

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