Some individuals are more likely to suffer from dental damage than others. Furthermore, numerous habits you may partake in can drastically increase your risk of suffering damage to your teeth and gums. Once you assess your lifestyle choices, it’s a good idea to determine if a mouth guard will be needed. If you’re playing any sports, specifically contact sports, it is a requirement that you always wear the appropriate safety gear. This is because if you leave your smile untreated, a single blow to your mouth can destroy your teeth and gums.

Are you aware of the different form of mouth guards that exist? Custom-made mouth guards are designed to contour to your exact dental profile and are designed by your dentist. You can often craft your own boil and bite guards by placing a boil and bite guard in hot water and biting into it to create your dental impression. If you’re not interested in a customized mouth guard, a stock guard can be used as soon as it is purchased.

Caring for your mouth guards includes always making sure they’re cleaned properly. Never set them out to dry or place them in hot water. In addition, never store them where children or pets can get to them. When cleaning them, wash them off with cool, soapy water and rinse them thoroughly. It is important to keep them contamination-free, so they won’t do further damage to your mouth. If for any reason you’re mouth guard frays or fails, visit your dentist for a replacement. Young children will need replacements more often as their mouths are constantly growing.

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