Losing a tooth may sound intimidating, but you can replace it with an artificial tooth through a dental implant procedure. Our professionals here at Drs. Susan Chmiel & Rachel Bohn‘s office work to ensure your comfort and want to show you the benefits of having a dental implant that works and looks as well as the original.

A dental implant is a synthetic tooth often made of metallic and bone-like ceramic materials compatible with your jaw, so they can be anchored down. Your dentist implants it into your jaw’s bone to ensure it stays in place as a secure holding. The implant will go through the process of healing called osseointegration where the bone grows around the implant, holding it down in place. Depending on your dental implant and how it will heal, you can have replacement teeth placed the same day as the implant or it may take several months.

Before the artificial tooth is installed, your dentist will customize your new tooth (whether it’s a dental crown for a single tooth or dental bridge for multiple teeth) to match the shade, size, shape, and fit to the specifications of your teeth. You may be given a temporary placement until the implant has healed.

After the dental implant process has completely healed, you will be able to freely eat, chew and speak. Talk to Drs. Susan Chmiel & Rachel Bohn and their professionals about getting a dental implant today. Call their office at 414-525-0300 to schedule an appointment here in Franklin, Wisconsin.

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