Are you interested in helping your smile and oral health with a dental filling? If so, you might have one or more questions. You’re not alone. Many people also have questions about dental fillings. To help you find the answers you need, our dentists, Drs. Ross and Chmiel, are happy to provide answers to commonly asked questions about dental fillings in Franklin, Wisconsin.

Q: What types of dental fillings are there?A: There are many different types available, but the most commonly used are amalgam and composite dental fillings. Amalgam fillings are made of a variety of metals and composite fillings are made of dental resin. Amalgam fillings are dark while composite fillings are natural looking.

Q: How do I know which treatment is right for me?A: Your dentist will determine which treatment is right for you. Certain situations call for certain restorations.

Q: What are the steps of placing a dental filling?A: Your dentist will numb your tooth and surrounding gums to make you comfortable. Next, they will remove the damaged and decayed portion of the tooth. Then, your dentist will clean the tooth, will place the filling and will shape the filling. Finally, they will harden the filling with a special light.

For more information and details about dental fillings, please contact our dental team at Drs. Susan Chmiel & Rachel Bohn. All you need to do is dial 414-525-0300 and we will be more than happy to help you. We look forward to your phone call!

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