Do you feel that your floss or your toothbrush is not working as well as it should and that your smile is not quite getting clean enough? If so, our team at Drs. Susan Chmiel & Rachel Bohn would love to help you choose the right dental tools to help your smile stay healthy and clean. If you struggle to keep your teeth and gums clean, we can suggest some alternative products.

For example, you may find that both manual and powered dental tools work evenly well, but there may be times when powered options serve you better. You may benefit from an electric toothbrush if you struggle with arthritis or another condition that makes using your hands difficult. An electric toothbrush may also be ideal if you have braces. However, you may find that using a manual toothbrush is more comfortable, as long as you brush for the recommended two minutes twice a day.

Again, if you have lost the full dexterity of your hands, a water pick might be easier than struggling to maneuver floss in your mouth. This tool produces a controlled jet of water to clean between your teeth and remove plaque and debris. A water pick can also make it easier to reach the back of your teeth and can help your smile feel more refreshed.

When cleaning your smile, it’s important to consider your comfort. If using an electric toothbrush or flossing with a water pick feels most comfortable, we encourage you to speak with our dentist about whether those products are right for you. If you are interested in learning more about your options for oral care in Franklin, Wisconsin, please feel free to contact Dr. Susan Chmiel and Dr. Chimel, and our team at 414-525-0300 today.

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