If you ever sustain any damage to your teeth and gums, you may be required to visit your dentist for an oral health care restoration. Several treatments and repairs are routinely available to fix your smile and give you the smile makeover you will need. One of the most highly effective forms of dentistry that can be used is through the use of a dental bonding treatment.

Dental bonds are effective because they go on strong and can bring out the best of your smile. Dental bonds consist of a small amount of material directly applied to the surface of a tooth. Typically, these are made of resin and porcelain materials, which are helpful for being stain-resistant and tooth-colored in nature. They can be used to help repair cracks or chips on teeth and even eliminate discolorations and stains that may be present. If for any reason you want to alter the shape of a tooth, make it look longer or even correct issues between teeth, dental bonding treatments have often been proven to be useful. Because dental bonds are tooth-colored in appearance, they can often be used for cosmetic alternatives for other treatments, including as composite resin fillings to fill in cavities.

Dental bonds have been proven to be beneficial and alleviate risks to your teeth and add an additional layer of protection for your teeth. If you are suffering from gum recession and a portion of a tooth’s root is exposed, a dental bond can be placed over the exposed portion to protect it once more. Dental bonds are durable and can often last up to 10 years before replacements will be needed.

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